Slow end of “Loan and Credit”

On June 10 this year The Sejm adopted an act amending the act on financial support for families in purchasing their own housing, as part of the so-called: Family On Your Own program.

The voting rejected the amendments proposed by the deputies at the second reading and finally the regulations in the shape proposed by the Infrastructure Committee were adopted, which differ significantly from the proposals contained in the draft submitted by the Council of Ministers.

Contrary to the government’s proposals


The property was not withdrawn from the secondary market from program financing. However, the factor for determining the maximum price per square meter has been lowered for this market segment. The price of a square meter will not be able to exceed 0.8 replacement costs of 1 square meter of usable space announced every quarter by voivodes.

The maximum price level has also been limited for real estate from the primary market and for newly built houses. For this type of investment, the maximum price per square meter is exactly the same as the replacement cost. It is worth noting that MPs’ proposal for the primary market is more radical than that of the Council of Ministers. The government project envisaged setting a maximum price of 110 percent of replacement costs.

Contrary to the government’s proposals

People running a one-person household, the so-called singles, were added to the group of beneficiaries. These people will be able to finance the purchase of only an apartment as part of the Loan and Credit program. The area of ​​the purchased property will not be able to exceed 50 square meters, and the additional payment will cover only 30 square meters. At the same time, the flat purchased must be the first property purchased by a single person.

MPs agreed on this with the Council of Ministers’ proposal regarding age restrictions – only people older than 35 years of age can apply for a loan with subsidies. In addition, the bill provides that it will not be possible to acquire ownership of another property except inheritance while receiving additional payments.