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Request credit consolidation loans Now

Consolidation is a term inflected by many in all cases. The time is uncertain who has and can afford today, tomorrow can join the long crowd of those who have to turn each dollar twice. Many non-banking companies offer credit consolidation loans.

The loan is intended for all clients who are unable to adhere to the original repayment schedules for their existing loans and would like to merge them into a single loan. Lenders offer the possibility of a loan in the amount of 30 000 – 500 000 dollars with a maturity of 5 – 20 years unless otherwise agreed upon signing the contract. You can receive the money immediately after signing the contract to the accounts of the intended creditors. However, the condition is the pledge of the property.

Advantages of credit

Since the loan needs to be secured by collateral real estate, the provider no longer examines the applicant’s income or credit history, and therefore the entry in the debtor’s register is not an obstacle either. The loan is provided without entry fees, without a guarantor or without the need for the other spouse’s consent. The mortgaged property may also be owned by third parties if you have its notarized consent. At the same time, the property remains the property of the debtor throughout the repayment period; only the lien is imposed on it. The loan can be paid at any time without charge.

Necessary documents

Necessary documents

To process the loan you only need your identity document and the purchase or gift contract for the mortgaged property i. The extract from the land register will be provided by the provider himself. In addition, all credit agreements of consolidated products and bank details to their providers must be submitted. In addition, you can get a certain amount of extra money without proving the purpose.