Loan and Credit Factors

Loan and Credit is a company that offers modern financing of invoices . This solution helps to maintain financial liquidity. Factoring is a tool with which you can secure your finances. It allows you to get instant access to money. The entire invoice amount can be on your customer’s account within 24 hours.

This effective financial tool can be offered as silent and explicit factoring . The explicit factoring service is dealt with when the contractor knows that the invoice is repaid via a business partner, i.e. a factoring company . However, if the entrepreneur does not want his contractor to learn about this type of activities, then he can opt for factoring with silent assignment.

Loan and Credit – who is the factoring offer addressed to?

Loan and Credit - who is the factoring offer addressed to?

Loan and Credit implements factoring for small and medium companies . Also newly created enterprises, i.e. so-called startups, can use this convenient form of financing.

Freelancers as well as sole proprietorships, micro-entrepreneurs can also use this type of service. The modern financing offer may be used, among others, by the food, catering, commercial, hotel or transport industries.

Loan and Credit offer

Loan and Credit offer

The factoring company finances from just PLN 100. As for the upper ceiling, i.e. the maximum value of invoicing, it is worth knowing that it depends on the option chosen by the customer. In the subscription option, the upper ceiling is up to PLN 300,000. Factoring services can be provided via the Internet. In order to provide the service, the first step is to complete the application located on the Loan and Credit website.

It provides basic personal and contact details as well as the company’s tax identification number. The form can be completed on a computer or smartphone. Then, in the next step, you need to enter invoices into the system, this can be done using the mobile application. After completing all these formalities, the verification process takes place.

The entire verification may take about 15 minutes. After this time, the invoice money goes directly to the entrepreneur’s account. Online factoring is a friendly service for every entrepreneur.

Factoring is offered in several attractive packages

Factoring is offered in several attractive packages

The first option is a subscription service, which is based on one fixed amount. How does factoring work in this aspect? In this option, the invoice limit is PLN 300,000. As for the number of invoices, there are no restrictions in this package. The subscription offers up to 20% discount. Online factoring is another option, which allows you to finance a single invoice. The monthly commission in this option is only 2.34%.

Invoices in this option can be financed in the range from 100 to 10 thousand zlotys. Cash for invoices can also be provided as part of merchant factoring. The invoice limit is 30,000. This option is especially dedicated to sole proprietorships.

To sum up, silent , open factoring and micro-factoring do not require material collateral in the form of, for example, a mortgage. Only basic data is required, for example a tax identification number.